The Cube

Comfortable lodging miracle with a commitment to sustainability

We are proud of our futuristic sleep cube for a good reason. It was specially designed for our extraordinary overnight experiences!

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Cosy blankets, pillows and a mattress made from soybean oil meet the highest demands. Energy-saving LED lights and a chill pack with a selection of tasty snacks and drinks of organic quality provide a special setting for your stay.

The transparent roof and the large panorama windows offer guests a clear view of the sky and the fascinating surroundings. Those who wish can also fall asleep in privacy by closing the blinds. Even if it rains or a storm strikes, you are safe and dry. There is storage space in a cupboard divided into three sections with a lockable compartment, shoe compartments and shelves to keep things tidy and organised for that special night.

But for our guests the pure experience takes centre stage. Nothing distracts from the many small amazing moments.


The sleeperoo is equipped with sustainable materials. These include mattresses, blankets, pillows and the interior. This benefits both our guests and the environment. As a company, we make sure that our partners and suppliers are committed to sustainability and that we pursue the goal of making the world a little better every day, each in our own way.

Purchase a cube

Currently the sleeperoo is not up for sale for private use yet. But that may change soon. Therefore, send us an e-mail here containing your name and contact details so that we can inform you when the time comes. Interested commercial customers will find information about the purchase here. You can download the purchase flyer here.