In 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, sleeperoo was launched as a new product that meets the challenges of sustainable travel. This way of travelling does not entail doing without. For sleeperoo, this means working together with employees, partners and guests to ensure that everyone involved is responsible, has fun and enjoys making things happen that will secure the future of our planet.

How does it work?

  • With sleeperoo, an extraordinary location in the immediate vicinity is opened up for exclusive event nights and thus upgraded. It does so without alienating the living space from its intended purpose, as is common with sharing portals.
  • Often, sleeperoo guests can even refrain from coming by car, because in many cases the spots can be reached by public transport or bicycle.
  • The local hosts work according to specified quality standards. Their offer is multifaceted and diverse. Sleeperoo does not aim for standardised tourist attractions, but for honest and authentic insights and views of the region. By purchasing regional food, the guest supports the regional economic cycle.
  • When equipping the Design|sleep Cube, attention is paid to the use of materials, which are made from renewable raw materials wherever possible.
  • The energy supply of the sleeperoo in outdoor use should be self-sufficient - a self-sufficient energy unit is in preparation. In addition, energy-saving LED lighting is used.
  • Apart from the comfortable and sustainably produced equipment and the wonderful environment of the installation site, sleeperoo intentionally provides no further attractions. The guests should not be distracted, but rather enjoy the special moment in the here and now.
  • All service providers and suppliers with whom sleeperoo cooperates are committed to sustainability and pursue similar goals with their products, each in their own way: They support social projects at home and abroad, work with ecologically clean materials and try to make our planet a happier place every day.
  • Ultimately, every sleeperoo guest contributes to a sustainable night experience for himself and for all subsequent guests by careful handling of the spot and the hosts.
  • Sustainability at sleeperoo is not just lip service, but a deep conviction in which careful planning and great love for detail have been integrated.