About us

We make things happen. With courage and pioneering spirit.

As sleeperoo makers we are passionate about our idea. We want to bestow fascinating memories on people: A special night that remains in the mind and heart. In places where you can't usually sleep, close to home. The futuristically designed sleep cube makes it possible to leave everyday life behind - as a sustainable micro-adventure or micro-retreat.

„In the beginning we had the audacity to dream. And then we had the courage to realise our dream with professionalism, ambition and a good amount of tenacity. Today, we are looking for and finding partners who are real facilitators themselves and who want to promote our great idea.Karen Löhnert, Managing Director of sleeperoo

The Story

How it all began: Escape from the rat race

Actually, it all started with a desire for change: For many years Karen Löhnert had been very active in responsible positions of the tourism industry. However, she repeatedly came up against limits, so that she was unable to implement things that were important to her. Then she took the plunge: She quit her well-paid job and allowed herself a break to explore new business ideas from 2016 on. After a few months, an extraordinary business idea for the tourism sector actually emerged. It was based on people's longing to experience something unusual that really touches them. And she linked this idea with the trend for overnight experiences.

Overnight experiences - a market with potential

Karen has always been a fan of overnight experiences. And she noticed the ever-increasing demand. The idea of "collect moments - not things" became a trend. Pop-up, minimalism and sustainability were additional relevant topics. Karen examined that there were only a few local suppliers for offers ranging from tree houses to tepees, without defined quality standards and without recognizable brand attributes.

A crazy idea is born: sleeperoo the adventure bed

It was time to think big: What would it be like if we started a company that offers overnight stay experiences in unusual places all over Germany, outdoors and indoors? Places where you can't usually sleep: Right on a pier with a view of the waves, in a medieval courtyard or "at night in a museum". Crazy, right? But the guests have to stay comfortable and well protected and the accommodation should be as sustainable as possible! In order to implement this idea, Karen took financial risks. After the company was founded in May 2017, she developed the sleeperoo, a stylish and cuddly "adventure bed" together with a design team and the design department of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences. More about the design|sleep Cube can be found here.

The design|sleep Cubes conquer Germany's most beautiful spots

The path from the idea to the nationwide offer of overnight stay experiences was filled with obstacles. A team that was passionate about the idea took up the challenge. Special places and enthusiastic hosts had to be found throughout Germany, who immediately understood the potential of sleeperoo and wanted to become part of this great idea as first movers. Therefore, patience and a lot of persuasion work were required under the motto "nothing is impossible". After a thorough test phase, in which valuable feedbacks of many test sleepers improved the service even further, the company went into live operation throughout Germany in May 2018.

sleeperoo leaves the German TV show "Dragon’s Den" with a deal

sleeperoo has many enthusiastic fans in the meantime. Even from the TV show "Dragon’s Den"! Dagmar Wöhrl was so enthusiastic about the business idea that a deal was made. Furthermore, sleeperoo has won several awards: The Competition Katzensprung Germany 2018 for climate-friendly tourist offers, the nomination for the German Tourism Award 2018 and the nomination for the German Innovation Award 2019.

The story continues!

sleeperoo is a young company and is constantly evolving. We are working on new ideas and bringing exciting partners on board - to be continued!

The Milestones

  • May 2017: We found sleeperoo GmbH, quite brave!

  • July 2017: We present the prototype of our design | sleepCube at the annual exhibition of the Design Department of the University of Wismar

  • August 2017: WDR broadcasts the founding history of Karen Löhnert in “Menschen hautnah”, the positive response blows us away!

  • August 2017: sleeperoo starts with the trial operation at outdoor locations and diligently collects feedback from test sleepers

  • March 2018: The first major fair! We are admired at the ITB as a partner of the Tourism Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  • June 2018: The live operation starts successively with the first series of our Design | sleep Cubes

  • June 2018: Thanks to our idea we win the award Katzensprung Germany

  • August 2018: sleeperoo is nominated for the German Tourism Award

  • September 2018: The jubilation is great! We leave the German TV show “Dragon’s Den” with a deal

  • November 2018: Our design|sleep-Cube is nominated for the German Innovation Award

  • Since the end of 2018: We continue to grow: The production of the cubes is adjusted from manual boat building to a mechanical process – using 99 % recyclable plastic